Heavy Duty 2 Crossbar Rack T17


Whispbar's T17 HD Heavy Duty Roof Rack, nicknamed - "The World's Most Adaptable Rack", fits a wide variety of car, truck and van roof configurations.

Final Price: 780.00 AED
Retail Price: 1040.00 AED
Discount -260.00 AED
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The Whispbar Heavy Duty Roof Rack can be adapted to fit smooth roofs, rain gutter channels, raised railings, slotted roof tracks, vehicles with fixed mounting points, and more - all with the simple exchange of the Whispbar Fitting Kit. The Whispbar Heavy Duty Roof Racks are strong, custom fitting, aerodynamic, and look as good as they function. Unfortunately the Heavy Duty style bar does not have the same noise reduction quality as the other Whispbar styles. Whispbar's HD Heavy Duty Roof Rack are equipped with integrated tie-down points and "load strips" to protect and hold your load in place. The width between the towers of the Whispbar Heavy Duty Roof Rack can be precision adjusted for your vehicle and snapped in place along the bottom of the cross bar. These bars are easy to use and with Smartfoot technology transferring to another vehicle is a dream. You'll only need a new Whispbar Fitting Kit, not a completely new bar rack. With the exception of the Whispbar Fitting Kit, the Heavy Duty Roof Rack comes fully assembled and includes the bars, towers, locks and keys. The Whispbar Fitting Kit is sold separately (see below).